5 Things that Highly Successful Kumon Parents Do

Kumon is not just another activity for students but also for the parents as well.

Contrary to what most parents think, the Kumon Math and Reading Programs entail the involvement of the parents in order for their child to progress smoothly and to help them develop further.

Since Kumon is a home based learning program, the parents also have to monitor their child’s Kumon study at home. So, how can Kumon parents help in ensuring that their child has a successful Kumon journey?

Here are 5 things that the most successful Kumon parents do that will surely help your child do better in Kumon and get the most out of the Kumon Math and Reading Programs.

Actively participate

Unlike tutorial classes wherein you leave the tutor to do all the studying with your child, Kumon requires you to actively participate in your child’s Kumon study. By enrolling your child in Kumon, you are telling your child that you want to be involved in his studies and development. So take part by reminding your child when it’s time to do their Kumon work. Foster a learning environment at home that will aid your child’s study. Check-in daily if your child has done his Kumon homework. Ensure that your child develops a routine of doing his homework every day.

Your goal is my goal

Kumon is big on achieving goals. Your child will be introduced to this concept as he studies the program. Make sure that you know the Instructor’s goal for your child. Talk to her on how you can help achieve your child’s goal in Kumon. Influence your child to achieve these goals as these will help him achieve success. Show your child that his Kumon study is important by letting him feel that you are in this together.


Help your child manage his priorities by setting rules or talking to him about “what should come first”. You can start by setting rules of “Homework first before play”. Since Kumon is daily study, ensure that your child brings his homework even during vacations. This demonstrates that learning is still a top priority at home and even outside the home.

Focus on long term benefits

There will come a time that your child will feel that he wants to quit Kumon. As the parent, you should be firm with your decision to let him continue. Breaks are okay, but there is no benefit in quitting early on in his Kumon journey. Kumon does not only develop your child’s academic skills; but more than that, Kumon develops perseverance, diligence, and discipline while building his self-esteem and confidence. Remember that these are the benefits that your child will develop and need in the long run.

Three way partnership

Your child’s Kumon journey will not be complete and successful without your Kumon Instructor’s help and input. Communicate with your Instructor regularly and update her on your child’s homework, changes in his ability, and even things you notice in your child’s behavior. This will help your Instructor have a better understanding of your child. Work closely with your Kumon Instructor and your child to be able to give your child the best out of Kumon.

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