5 Things that Highly Successful Kumon Parents Do

Kumon is not just another activity for students but also for the parents as well. Contrary to what most parents think, the Kumon Math and Reading Programs entail the involvement of the parents in order for their child to progress smoothly and to help them develop further. Since Kumon is a home based learning program, the parents also have to monitor their child’s

Dealing with Pressure in School

At some point, your child will feel pressured with the number of school work and other responsibilities piling up on his plate. It could leave him tired and stressed especially if his rest intervals are small. Academic stress isn’t new as it is becoming a part of a student’s daily struggle to stay on top of everything. However, the best thing about this

Empowering Your Child

Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts. — Albert Einstein Let’s face it: our current generation is forming a dynamic space for a child to learn information quicker than ever. With all the mediums readily available for knowledge consumption, the digital age clearly reinforced this kind

Going through the Kumon Programs

By Czariyah Althea Guiamalon, Math and Reading Completer of Tacurong City Center Before enrolling in Kumon, math was like any other ordinary subject for me. My performance in the subject was neither good nor bad – just average. But as I moved up to a higher grade level, I gradually found myself having a hard time learning it. I became familiar with the