Always Believe that You Can Do It!

My Kumon journey started when I was three years old. My parents enrolled me in the Kumon Reading Program because they wanted me to learn how to read and to love numbers. When we went to Kumon to take my test, I was excited and nervous at the same time. These questions were in my head: “What will Kumon look like?” “Will they like me?” etc.

When I finally went inside Kumon Cavite City Center to take the Reading Placement Test, it was full of students answering their worksheets. I wondered and asked myself “Will I be like them?” My parents decided to enroll me in the Reading Program first. I developed a lot of skills in Kumon.

After a month in the Kumon Reading Program, my parents decided to enroll me in the Kumon Math Program because they saw how much I enjoyed Kumon.

I experienced struggles and difficult moments. When my Nanay asked me if I want to stop the program, I would answer ‘no’ even if the worksheets were already hard. Now, I am already a Reading Completer and answering Level M (Trigonometry, Straight Lines, Circles) worksheets in Math. For me, not all of the worksheets are hard especially when our teachers make sure that they are always present to help and guide us. These are the advantages since I did Kumon:

  • I can join contests like the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP).
  • The lessons in school become easier for me.

When there are words I don’t understand, my Nanay suggests that I should look it up on a dictionary so that I can expand my vocabulary. I was able to improve my diction and pronunciation when I became a scholastic awardee for the Highest Lexile Score and win first place in elocution at school. My love for Math and Reading is because of Kumon – I even have a bookshelf filled with books at home! My fellow Kumon students, never give up! Believe that you can do it!

Felize Yvanah Diez, Cavite City Center

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