The Math Family and the English Family

Once upon a time, there were two families: the Math family and the English family. In the Math family, the father’s name is Algebra while the mother’s name is Calculus. They have four children named Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. In the English family, the father’s name is Word while the mother’s name is Verb. They have 26 children named A, B, C,

The Midnight Visitor

The stars shone bright on this beautiful night I laid calm and still in bed without fright Goodnight moon, goodnight stars, goodnight Teddy Off to dreamland I’d gone to be happy All was well this dim night, or so I thought It opened the door, the hall light it brought I adjusted to the door’s golden glow I saw a man whose face


I woke up in this castle, I felt lonely as usual. Then I looked into the mirror, And wished I could see myself clearer. Out in the garden, Where my anger is pardoned, These flowers I grew, Had petals that flew. But then one morning, A girl was passing. She stole some flowers, Which made me think for hours. One night when I

The Best Decision for My Son

At two years old, Dustin always loved it when we read to him. Sometimes, he would pretend that he is reading but the book is upside down. So I thought, how nice it would be if he was able to learn how to read early on and eventually, get to read any time with or without having to wait for anybody to read

Going Easy with Math

I struggled in math when I was in grade one. I always had to ask my teachers in school about the lessons. For me, it seemed like the math questions are beyond my grade level. When I reached grade two, I discovered Kumon. My mom decided to enroll me then. I still struggled in math at school since my worksheets in Kumon were

Enrolling in Kumon

I started Kumon when I was in grade one. My math grades back then were not that good so my mom tried to help me. One day, my classmate gave me one of the magazines from Kumon. My mom saw the magazine upon cleaning my bag and she told me that I’ll be enrolling in Kumon after reading the magazine. At first, I