Be Truthful!

“Guessing will not help you succeed. Be TRUTHFUL.”

I usually have undone worksheets in Kumon on the last few days before submission, then I get stressed out that I don’t know what to do. Because of this, I would guess the answers in my worksheets – placing random numbers in math, and placing random words in reading, whichever pops out of my mind first.

When my mom asks me if I finished my homework, I would say “yes” but my Kumon teachers figured out that I wasn’t answering my worksheets properly. From that day on, I started to become truthful to myself and others.

To my dear Kumon students, please don’t lie or guess while accomplishing your worksheets because it will get you nowhere. We must always have to be truthful to ourselves and others. And remember that the truth is louder than lies and that it equals to success.

Frank Xander Dancel, Zamboanga City Center

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