Be Truthful!

“Guessing will not help you succeed. Be TRUTHFUL.” I usually have undone worksheets in Kumon on the last few days before submission, then I get stressed out that I don’t know what to do. Because of this, I would guess the answers in my worksheets – placing random numbers in math, and placing random words in reading, whichever pops out of my mind

The Kumon Opportunity

I enrolled in Kumon last August 2018. I was just six years old when my parents decided to enroll me in a Kumon Center. I can still remember how excited I was even though the Kumon Center was far from our home and I had to spend 30 minutes of travel before actually reaching my destination. The first month of my Kumon journey

Enjoying Math and Kumon

My Kumon journey started when my mom noticed that I was getting failing grades in math. After I got low grades, I went to San Roque (Antipolo) Center and enrolled there. Before I was enrolled, we attended an orientation, and then I took the Diagnostic Test. It was really hard for me to complete everything since I was able to only finish the

Follow Your Heart and Never Give Up!

I enrolled in Kumon when I was five years old. I was able to learn how to read and add. As I progressed in my Kumon studies, it got harder especially when my levels increased in both Math and Reading. It was so hard that it took me hours to finish my worksheets. Still, I stayed on those levels but struggled with every

Kumon as the Best Influence to My Son

I learned about the Kumon Program in 2000 when I began working as a teacher at Stonyhurst Southville International School.  I observed how learners enhanced and developed their math and reading abilities through the Kumon Method of Learning. I also experienced how younger students endured the difficulties and challenges of completing their worksheets beyond their ages and grade levels. All students who entered

Reaching the End of the Bumpy Road

“Be willing to do what’s hard now to enjoy what’s beautiful later.” This has been my life motto ever since my dad shared this quote to me. For me, knowing how to sacrifice in life is essential on the road to success. If no sacrifice is done, then there’s no work done at all. I enrolled in Kumon last 2010 and completed the