Love For Math From Then ‘Til Now

As long as Ma. Arselene Aquino could remember, math was her favorite subject. It’s no wonder that she was excited for her Kumon journey back in October 2002. She and her mother found out about Kumon through her classmate’s grandfather. After attending the Parent Orientation, her mother was amazed with how Kumon works and immediately registered her for the Free Trial available at

A Worthy Commitment

For a mother of three with a husband working abroad and two children enrolled in Kumon, the life of a Kumon parent may not be as easy as some parents have it. Even though Mrs. Shiela Remollo and her daughter, Robin Alexandra of Iligan City found Kumon easy at the first few months of enrollment, they eventually found out that it wasn’t a

A Unique Learning Approach

As much as a child’s learning ability is different from other children’s, the Kumon Program is also different from other programs. Kumon has been around for more than 50 years, originating from Japan and borne out of a father’s love for his son. So what else sets Kumon apart from other learning programs? Kumon goes far beyond tutoring. Kumon is a structured, proven

Summer and Beyond

The heat is settling in. The final examination schedules have been announced. Vacation plans are being finalized. Talk of sports, art, and dance classes is starting to circulate. This can only mean one thing: Summer’s here! It’s that time of year when children gladly say: “School’s out for summer!” It’s also the time of the year for endless conversations about the exciting places

Math is Everywhere

“Why do I need to study math?” This is a question your child asks every time he encounters a difficult problem or every time he does not feel like answering his math homework. The answer to his question is simple – it’s because math is present everywhere and anywhere. Be it in nature, in technology, in money, or in everyday chores, math shows

Your Child and Kumon Math

To equip students to self-study senior high school mathematics with ease. This is the goal of the Kumon Math Program that Mr. Toru Kumon initially developed for his son, Takeshi. He wanted Takeshi to develop strong calculation and life skills. Thus, he only included topics that were essential to achieve the needed skills, abilities, and attitudes in students. From this, you must be

The Benefits of Completion

The goal of reaching the finish line is something that everyone shares. Be it reaching the most advanced level of a video game, celebrating the great ending of a movie, or successfully forming the final pyramid in performance, the sense of pride and relief settles in when you realize that you have reached your end goal. The same thing happens in Kumon. Initially,

There’s an Einstein in Every Child

Einstein’s achievements are monumental, leading many to ask: was Einstein’s brain different? A look at his childhood history would show you two things that are not commonly known about him. 1. Einstein was a slow learner in one particular area—speaking. 2. Einstein wasn’t exactly the A+ textbook learner in school that most of us imagine him to be. In fact, Einstein’s greatest experiments

Why Am I Here?

Have you ever wondered why your parents keep pushing you to finish your worksheets? Or why do your teachers in Kumon always encourage you to give your best? Have you ever thought deeply as to why your parents enrolled you? Or why you keep on doing and repeating worksheet after worksheet? It may not have been an easy journey for you, but being

Between Extra-Curricular and Kumon

It has only been a few months since the school year started but you have already noticed your child feeling tired and weary. Aside from schoolwork and household chores, he also has to think about his other academic responsibilities, extra-curricular activities, and Kumon. He then starts to complain about his tight schedule and begins to ask you why he has to attend Kumon.