Enhance Your Learning Experience with KUMON CONNECT

During the height of the pandemic, continuing the education of your children became a primary concern due to the halt of regular face-to-face classes and the health risks posed by the surging number of COVID-19 cases.

At Kumon, we adapted to keep up with the challenges posed by the global health crisis. We continued offering our programs via remote instruction, which eventually became hybrid classes when the government restrictions became more lenient.

Fueled by constant innovation, we launched a new tablet-study program called KUMON CONNECT to provide another avenue of learning for our students. This move is a part of our ongoing commitment to ensure a safe learning environment for your children.

To help you better understand what is KUMON CONNECT, this article offers a quick look on our new service.


KUMON CONNECT is our new tablet-study service that you can use to have your kids learn using tablets and stylus pens. It applies the human touch using the power of digital technology to make connections with the worksheets deep and meaningful. Even in a digital format, KUMON CONNECT ensures that the Instructor stays connected with you and your child.

Students receive their tailored worksheets via the app on their tablets during their class days, whether they are at home or in-center. This allows for flexibility in your child’s study routine. After finishing their worksheets, your child submits them and have them graded by a dedicated team of Kumon staff which will be a part of the record of the results of study. In turn, KUMON CONNECT not only offers flexibility, but also better accessibility to your child’s performance as you and the Instructor can track the child’s progress and achievements via the app. Like the traditional paper worksheets, KUMON CONNECT applies the Method to hone the independence and self-study skills of students.


To get your hands on KUMON CONNECT, you must have a compatible device ready at your disposal. Additionally, you must have an active pen that works well with the tablet, acting as a replacement for the pencil in the traditional paper worksheet method. Once set up, your child can enjoy doing tablet-study anywhere they are.

During in-center sessions, your child will log into the app, and the assigned worksheets will automatically download onto the device. They will then conduct their 30-minute or 1-hour center session as scheduled, similar to the pen-and-paper method. After hitting the submit button, your child can expect to receive their marked worksheets via the app at least twice a week and correct them themselves.

On a similar note, remote instruction will follow the same routine with the addition of another camera-equipped device where the instructor can observe the student.

In this digital age, where technology plays a crucial role in your child’s life and education, KUMON CONNECT bridges the gap between traditional learning methods and the advancements of the modern world. By incorporating tablets and stylus pens into the Kumon curriculum, your child can engage with their studies in an interactive and engaging manner, enhancing their overall learning experience.

KUMON CONNECT is a new and fun way to get to know the beauty of Kumon worksheets. Moreover, tablet-study allows instructors to harness the power of digital technology to continuously help students maximize their potential anywhere in the country.

Get started with your KUMON CONNECT journey by finding which Centers nearest you offer the service or click the button bellow to directly connect with your preferred Center.

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