Growing Bright Minds: How Early Math Skills Shape Your Child's Future

Growing Bright Minds: How Early Math Skills Shape Your Child’s Future

As parents, we all want the best for our children. We dream of their success, happiness, and a future filled with endless opportunities. From the moment they take their first steps, our little ones begin their journey of learning and discovery. While we tend to prioritize nurturing their language and social skills, it’s equally vital to recognize the profound impact that early math


Success is really the sweetest,to those who haven’t succeeded yet.Succeeding is really the greatest,as we seek its need. Then, I found about Kumon,It was said that it would make me achieve my dream.It encouraged me to move on,and I would shine bright like a beam. I tried to answer my worksheets and they were easy.But when I went to another level,It was harder

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When founder Toru Kumon developed the worksheets, all he had in mind was his son, Takeshi. But as soon as he saw his son answering calculus with ease even though he was just in Grade 6, Mr. Toru Kumon realized how effective the worksheets were. He also knew that it would be a sheer waste if only Takeshi benefited from this. Thus, he