3, 2, 1 – WE’RE BACK!

As a new year has started, the Kumon Philippines Blog also starts anew. Welcome to the KPI Blog! Feel free to browse our past articles and watch out for what we have in store for you as we craft more articles and related content that will surely hook your interest. Stay tuned as we start to regularly share how the Kumon Method can positively

What is Kumon?

In 1954, Toru Kumon, a father and a high school mathematics teacher decided to create learning materials that would help his son, Takeshi, develop strong calculation skills to enable him to study mathematics with ease. From there, his son started to excel in school and was able to solve problems in differential and integral calculus by the sixth grade. Toru Kumon then believed that what was possible for one child could also be possible for more, if not all, children. Thus, he set out to offer the same learning materials  to as many children as possible. This was the start of the Kumon Method.