Empowering Your Child

Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts. — Albert Einstein

Let’s face it: our current generation is forming a dynamic space for a child to learn information quicker than ever. With all the mediums readily available for knowledge consumption, the digital age clearly reinforced this kind of culture.

How then could we, as parents, remain an influential source of values-believing in our child and, at the same time, encouraging him to become the best he can be?

Like an oak tree, each child holds his greatness from within. By believing in this greatness, you become an empowering parent who supports your child’s inner talent, intelligence, and confidence. And by starting in the formative years of childhood, you prune him into becoming a powerful creator and decision-maker as he grows older.

When a child experiences repeated successes, he develops self-esteem. This is why it’s crucial for you, the parents, to provide great support at all times to guide him as he eventually develops self-confidence.

With that, here are some key points on how to be your child’s number one supporter while maintaining authority:

Let your respect and love be seen and felt.

The keyword here is “love.” It is entirely natural for parents to put forth everything else for their child out of love. However, to assert respect is another thing. Make it a point to create positive reinforcement whenever you want your child to learn an important lesson and set a clear line between allowing him to learn from the repercussions and deciding on his own accord.

Be a parent and an educator.

It’s true that parents are the first teachers of their child. Most of what they learn and discover as a child partly comes from what parents teach their child. However, mixing the role of both a parent and an educator makes a great parent figure since you teach with the language of love.

Mirror your child’s abilities and skills.

Have you enrolled your child in dance classes? Tell him how good he is during recitals! Did you discover your child’s penchant for arts or music? Support his talent and praise his work! This is a good way of lifting your child’s confidence for him better present himself to his friends and/or others.

Check on your child’s self-image by asking yourself meaningful questions.

Questions such as “How is my child feeling about himself right now?” or “Is he independent, confident, and supportive to his other peers?” can be your baseline in knowing where your child is currently resting his self-esteem.

Put in courage!

Believe in your child wholeheartedly. Such support enables him to see himself as he really is—highly competent and ready to achieve greater heights! This kind of encouragement can make a huge difference even though times get challenging.

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