Enjoying Math and Kumon

My Kumon journey started when my mom noticed that I was getting failing grades in math. After I got low grades, I went to San Roque (Antipolo) Center and enrolled there.

Before I was enrolled, we attended an orientation, and then I took the Diagnostic Test. It was really hard for me to complete everything since I was able to only finish the questions about addition. I realized how bad I was at math. However, this did not discourage me because my teachers said that we would learn different topics in the worksheets.

I started Kumon 10 days after my birthday. I was surprised because I cried a lot even though I was just doing Addition and Subtraction. I got better, and decided to finish the program because I wanted to be good at math while doing the worksheets.

The turning point of my journey was reaching the topics on solving fractions and decimals. I got stuck in those levels for almost a year, and I have to admit, I was thinking of quitting the Kumon Math Program. But seeing that my grades were getting higher, I decided to continue and to pursue my dream of finishing the Kumon Math Program and excelling in math.

I began to become overconfident with myself after signing up for the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP) competition, I wasn’t able to make it to the cut. However, I was not discouraged and made it a goal to be equipped for competitions like these.

Right now, I am dealing with algebra in the Kumon Math Program.

I am enjoying Kumon because whenever we have lessons in school, I can answer them easily since I already encountered them in Kumon. Most of my classmates who are good in math tell me that I am so good at it too, but I know that I still have so much to learn. I now enjoy solving math problems and it is already my favorite subject!

Rayne Macalintal, San Roque (Antipolo) Center

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