Math’s Connections

Math is applied in almost all of our daily activities — from counting, to telling time, and many more. You might even be amazed with how math, a universal language, is used in other aspects!

One of these aspects is seeing math’s connection with other disciplines. Since math encourages logical reasoning, it plays a crucial role in helping us understand the contents of other school subjects.

 Below are just a few subjects where we can see math’s connection:

1. Science and Technology

If you love astronomy, chemistry, or physics, be prepared to look through scientific charts and discover science-related elements through measurements and equations. Analyzing scientific studies, figuring out computer algorithms, and other practical sciences, also require complex knowledge in math.

2. Literature and Writing

You might say that math would never intersect with literature. But there is already one obvious connection of math and literature – math concepts are explained and introduced through words in order to be understood by anyone who wants to learn them. Also, if you’re into writing poetry, you use math to measure the words needed in the kind of poem you’re creating, whether it’s a haiku or a metered poem.

3. Social Studies

In subjects like history, geography, and humanities, there are maps, charts and graphs that apply math concepts. For instance, you need to trace important events through telling the time of a certain era, or you need to measure the distance of one place to another in a map through scaling. To be able to understand timeframes of important events, and geographical concepts, you would need to have a solid foundation of math, as these require numerical values.

4. Sports

Math plays an important role in sports especially when the players’ statistics and points in a certain sport are laid down to determine a winner. Athletes also use math to determine how much calories they must intake, or how many meters they can endure in running or swimming.

5. Music and The Arts

You can benefit from basic mathematical knowledge as you learn about musical notes and rhythms. In art, geometric formulas are applied to create art pieces that would look aesthetically pleasing in one’s eye.

As you can see, math is definitely present in many disciplines because it is applied for a certain use. This is why it must not be feared of or set aside, because in whichever field you’re in, you will always have to deal with math’s wonders.

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