Creating Your Own ‘Writer’s Notebook’

We all have our own thoughts and ideas, and some are fond of writing them on paper. Others say that writing things down have changed their lives because it helps them process their emotions and gain a clearer mind afterwards. With this, having your own ‘Writer’s Notebook’ allows you to write anything under the sun – whether these are ideas, questions, thoughts, songs,

Math’s Connections

Math is applied in almost all of our daily activities — from counting, to telling time, and many more. You might even be amazed with how math, a universal language, is used in other aspects! One of these aspects is seeing math’s connection with other disciplines. Since math encourages logical reasoning, it plays a crucial role in helping us understand the contents of

Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals

Creating your own goals is a great way for you to evaluate yourself – see which skills you want to improve on, which dreams you want to achieve, and which fears you want to conquer. However, not all of the goals that you list down can be achieved within a year. There are certain goals that need to be broken down into smaller