Our Experience as Kumon Parents

By Mr. Don and Mrs. Lisa Escarro, Parents of John, Justin, Joseph, Joshua, and Mariel of Kumon Masinag (Antipolo) Center

When asked what course they plan to take in college, it is common for students to answer “the one with the least Math subjects!” Due to this, my husband and I wanted to enable our children to pursue their college courses without fear, specifically FEAR of MATH! This is why we enrolled them in Kumon.

Kumon has helped our children develop several traits like self-discipline, perseverance, patience, and confidence. After gaining confidence in their math skills, they were able to focus on other subjects they were having difficulties with. Also, upon reaching advanced levels, they gained the opportunity to teach their classmates.

The Kumon journey was not a smooth sailing one for our five children and for us as well. Our children expressed concern about having very tight and draining schedules due to a heavy school load. They did all these while tackling 10-15 pages of advanced level Kumon worksheets daily.

It was also during this time that our family experienced financial difficulty. Amidst that, we decided to let all of our children continue with their Kumon study. We had to make adjustments in our expenses, specifically losing our internet connection and lessening our electricity consumption by limiting the time spent on the computer and television. We taught them how to manage their time and schedule. We always reminded them that they just have to continue to work hard to reach their goals.

As parents, it was challenging for us to be consistent and firm in giving them encouragement and motivation, especially through the reward system. But we knew that we just had to continue to express and show our support to our children. We always told them that finishing whatever they have started is an accomplishment and a sign of being responsible. In fact, we also learned to be patient and understanding with them as they experienced difficulties in tackling advanced levels.

As of now, we are happy to share that all our five children, John, Justin, Joseph, Joshua, and Mariel have completed the Math Program.

We see the value of Kumon in our children as they go through their everyday journeys. In fact, the character building and academic formation that they gained in Kumon goes beyond numbers and equations.


Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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