2022 wrap-up: Life lessons from Kumon students, parents

Just like that, a year will go by in just a few days! In 365 days, we have triumphed in so many ways! From staying home, we can now explore the outdoors with our friends and family. From online classes, we can enjoy face-to-face classes once more and even experience the beauty of hybrid study.  

But before we bid goodbye to 2022, let’s look back at the lessons and inspiring stories that motivated all of us in Kumon Philippines! After all, as one adage says, “One has to look back to move forward.” 

For our dear students 

Are you still feeling shy? Are you having a hard time honing your skills? Do you feel like there’s too much on your plate? Kumon Program Completer Jasmine Hope Viloria narrates how she gained confidence and learned how to juggle everything with the help of Kumon. 

She shared, “To all aspiring Completers and dreamers, I can’t tell you what to do, but I can tell you what has worked for me and what continues to inspire me to strive for the best. It’s been instilled in me that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. No matter how talented you are, if you don’t apply yourself and have the right work ethic and attitude, then you won’t be able to exercise your full potential.” 

“Never quit until your task is done. May it be small or big, I do my best in everything that I do to fulfill myself, make my parents happy, and glorify God. I hope you all do the same.” 

Are you still adjusting to your school’s new learning setup while striving to be the best you can be? Take inspiration from Kumon student Celine Kirsten Mercado, who is wearing the same shoes as yours! 

At the start of the implementation of online learning, she had different challenges, such as limited interaction with classmates, unstable internet connection, and distractions at home. But she used her Kumon skills to power through. 

She said, “Kumon taught us to become resilient and that whatever comes our way, we must have courage and hope. We must never stop putting our dreams into reality because of an unseen enemy. We must continue learning and seeking knowledge and skills.” 

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks you have to complete before the holiday school break. You may also feel distracted from time to time because of the distractions online, at home, and in school. Don’t fret! Raiyan Bin Harun went through this, too, but he persevered and became Kumon Completer! Now, he is a thriving engineering student! 

He left a piece of brotherly advice to fellow Kumon students, “To all the Kumon students who are struggling, and to all the Kumon students who dream of completing the program—never give up. Persevere. Learn how to rest, and quit only when you are done. There is nothing wrong with resting and being distracted for a little while. While getting an award in Kumon might not be big enough for others, do not let their thoughts knock you down. This is your own moment to shine and rejoice!” 

“Enjoy the little things in life that make you happy! From achieving something by learning new things to getting a heavy, shiny medal or trophy, be happy with what you have achieved and what you do best,” he added.  

For our dear parents 

Are you a new Kumon parent of a young learner? Were there times you had to explain to your child why he/she is doing Kumon? Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso, parents of three Kumon Completers, had the same experience. If you need the inspiration to motivate your child towards completion, take a page from these successful parents. 

They noted, “We had to find ways to explain how important Kumon is, especially for their future studies and career. As parents, we also tried to level our mindset to ensure that we properly understood how difficult it is for our children and monitor if they are too stressed because of their routine.” 

“What pushed us to continue the program until their completion was seeing the results of their efforts based on their academic grades and their character development,” they capped. 

Is your child answering worksheets that are beyond his/her school grade level? First, give yourself a pat on the back as you and your child have come this far! Maybe there were moments when your child wanted to quit because of the challenging worksheets. This is similar to the experience of Mrs. Khristine Chua. However, they are well on their way to completing the Kumon Program soon! 

As a tip to fellow parents, she shared, “There will be times when your child would want to quit Kumon, especially as the problems become more difficult. When that happens, remember that taking a break is important.” 

She added, “However, giving up should never be the answer. Always be ready to give them a hug and a kiss – then throw in some words of encouragement. They will be more resilient when they overcome difficulties, so they should keep moving forward. 


The year 2022 made us see the long-awaited light at the end of the tunnel. While it did, it also made us stronger and ready for more opportunities ahead of us! So, whether you’re a parent or student, you’ve made it this far! With inspiration from your Kumon family, there’s no doubt you can go further! 


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