I woke up in this castle,
I felt lonely as usual.
Then I looked into the mirror,
And wished I could see myself clearer.

Out in the garden,
Where my anger is pardoned,
These flowers I grew,
Had petals that flew.

But then one morning,
A girl was passing.
She stole some flowers,
Which made me think for hours.

One night when I was guarding,
I pretended that I was sleeping.
So out of curiosity,
I followed her anonymously.

When I arrived and saw,
I looked at her in awe.
Since I never knew her past,
I made this moment last.

Day and night,
My heart soared with all its might.
But no, I won’t confess.
Because it is a mess.

Unexpectedly I realized
This flower is specialized.
This flower that is rare,
She can forever bear.

She never came back,
My feelings lacked.
So I wore a mask to hide the sorrow,
Hoping this won’t happen tomorrow.

Zianne Elaizah Lait, Tanuan (Batangas) Center

Zianne loves writing songs, poems, and stories. Aside from this, she also developed her fondness with math through her friends answering their worksheets. Since then, she chanced on giving the Math Program a try. What she likes about Aspire is how it sets the goal of inspiring people around the nation.

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