Do More With Kumon

Keen joined Kumon when he was five years old. We enrolled Keen because we want to develop and help him advance in Math. With Kumon, he is able to add two and three digits and solve math problems mentally. He also memorized the multiplication table without us teaching him. Since joining Kumon, his eagerness to learn new problems has developed and he is

I Finally Like Math

My daughter, Rain, didn’t like Mathematics before enrolling in Kumon. However, through constant encouragement and unwavering support from her teachers in Kumon, Mathematics became easy for her, and no more crying dilemma whenever she answered Math problems. – Mrs. Jean Alamon, mother of Rain, H. Concepcion (Cabanatuan) Center

With Kumon, the impossible becomes possible

Dear Kumon, Thank you, Kumon, for providing us with a quality education that enables us to understand our school lessons better! It has been an incredible journey taken with solid determination in studying Mathematics since third grade. I am genuinely grateful beyond measure for having been able to learn and grow with the aid of the Kumon Math Program. Admittedly at first, I

Birthday Greeting of John Gabriel

I am John Gabriel Santi of Cavite City Center. I am 17 years old and I am in Grade 9. My hobbies are drawing, painting, talking to my friends and listening to music. I started my Kumon journey when I was 11 years old. My Kumon online experience hasn’t been easy because I can’t see my other friends due to the COVID-19 crisis.