Birthday Greeting of John Gabriel

I am John Gabriel Santi of Cavite City Center. I am 17 years old and I am in Grade 9. My hobbies are drawing, painting, talking to my friends and listening to music. I started my Kumon journey when I was 11 years old. My Kumon online experience hasn’t been easy because I can’t see my other friends due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Becoming an Independent Learner

Studying math and numbers is not that easy for me, but I learned how to deal with numbers and math symbols because of Kumon. It’s almost 3 years since I started in KUMON and I became an independent learner since then. Thank you, Kumon Philippines, for bringing out the best in me. Donna Alexa AlolodBatangas City Center >>Go back to the Aspire Digital

Kumon helped unleash my potential in math

I learned that not being able to get the correct answer should not discourage me, and it is a natural part of the learning process. Having a positive mindset, dedication, and a lot of effort helps me unleash my full potential in mathematics. Thank you, Kumon! I’m forever grateful to be a Kumon student. ♡ Kriell Erris B. GonzalesKumon (Banaba) San Mateo Center

Smart, kind, and creative

I’m Jedidiah Kit Banua Falconite, proud to be a Kumon student. I thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity to develop a high focus level, discipline and improve my study habits, as these are a big help for me. I love Kumon and am excited to do my work and school lessons. Now, I want to share what I have learned with

Kumon developed my confidence in Math

Enrolling in Kumon really boosted my confidence every time we have quizzes or exams in school. Answering the Kumon worksheets and assignments daily and diligently gave me more understanding and knowledge about our lessons. Honestly, I used to panic whenever there is a scheduled math quiz in school. But now, I am more confident and calm. Thanks to Kumon Camarin Study Center and

Young, Independent, and Smart

I started the Kumon Math program when I was in Grade 1 and it helped me become independent, confident, and smart. It helps me a lot in solving math problems easily. Thank you so much, Kumon! I love Kumon! Heaven LeusKumon Tanauan (Batangas) Center >>Go back to the Aspire Digital home page

Don’t give up even when things get tough!

I started Kumon in 1st grade. It really helped me become more confident. By 2nd grade, I finished first in class. Kumon helped boost my confidence in everything. Before I started Kumon, I wasn’t very good at Math. I didn’t even memorize the multiplication table, and I had to count with my hands. Kumon has helped me not to give up when things get

Achieve self-learning at an early age

I am very grateful that my daughter, Xyreen, is part of the Kumon family. She started her Kumon journey at the age of 4, and I am so happy that she performs well in school. She has been in the Math Program for almost 3 months and has reached Level B (Addition and Subtraction II).    With the help of Kumon, she can easily follow, read, and answer her modules without any help.