An Xtra-ordinary Girl

At a young age, a little girl’s potential was already noticed by both her parents and her pediatrician. This must be why Katrina Cassandra, fondly called as Kat-kat, asked her parents to let her go to school as early as the age of three. For Mr. Derrick and Mrs. Amee Gonzaga, enrolling their daughter in Kumon was an answer to this desire as

Summer and Beyond

The heat is settling in. The final examination schedules have been announced. Vacation plans are being finalized. Talk of sports, art, and dance classes is starting to circulate. This can only mean one thing: Summer’s here! It’s that time of year when children gladly say: “School’s out for summer!” It’s also the time of the year for endless conversations about the exciting places

There’s an Einstein in Every Child

Einstein’s achievements are monumental, leading many to ask: was Einstein’s brain different? A look at his childhood history would show you two things that are not commonly known about him. 1. Einstein was a slow learner in one particular area—speaking. 2. Einstein wasn’t exactly the A+ textbook learner in school that most of us imagine him to be. In fact, Einstein’s greatest experiments

Are you part of the KINDNESS MOVEMENT?

When founder Toru Kumon developed the worksheets, all he had in mind was his son, Takeshi. But as soon as he saw his son answering calculus with ease even though he was just in Grade 6, Mr. Toru Kumon realized how effective the worksheets were. He also knew that it would be a sheer waste if only Takeshi benefited from this. Thus, he