The Kumon Math Advantage

To develop strong calculation skills in order to enable children to self-study high school mathematics with ease.

This was the goal that Toru Kumon, the Kumon Method founder, made when he started to develop the Kumon Math worksheets for his son, Takeshi. He discovered that Takeshi’s school workbooks contained a wide range of topics with some of them not necessarily addressing the need to develop calculation skills. This is why the Kumon Math worksheets do not contain all the math topics that your child is studying in school. Unlike the school curriculum which encompasses a number of topics, only those topics that are essential to achieve the goal of the method  have been included in the Kumon Math Program.


Also, the school workbooks did not allow Takeshi to master one topic before moving on to the next one. Toru Kumon understood that math will never seem interesting if the child has gaps in learning or weak points in comprehension. For him, learning math is like climbing a steep staircase: each step is essential to move up to the next, and if just one step is weak or broken, it can result in the student falling, sliding backwards, and losing confidence in his abilities.

This is why the Kumon Math Program focuses on developing the basic arithmetic skills in order for them to successfully understand, solve, and analyze difficult and complicated problems. It is an individualized program designed to help children master the basic concepts at their own learning pace and experience an increase in self-confidence due to self-learning. It is designed to make learning math foolproof – with each step being tiny and carefully checked again before moving on to what follows.


For 60 years now, more than four million students around the world are experiencing Kumon. Children in the Kumon Math Program learn math right, quickly, and thoroughly. So give your child the Kumon Math advantage – give the Kumon Math Program a try!

Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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