What You Get From Math

From then until now, it is still a fact that a lot of people often say that being good at math equates to a lot of opportunities. You can still vividly remember all the achievements of your classmates who were considered math wizards. Even your parents were pushing for you to be just as good as them. You may not have understood what

The Kumon Math Advantage

To develop strong calculation skills in order to enable children to self-study high school mathematics with ease.

This was the goal that Toru Kumon, the Kumon Method founder, made when he started to develop the Kumon Math worksheets for his son, Takeshi. He discovered that Takeshi’s school workbooks contained a wide range of topics with some of them not necessarily addressing the need to develop calculation skills. This is why the Kumon Math worksheets do not contain all the math topics that your child is studying in school. Unlike the school curriculum which encompasses a number of topics, only those topics that are essential to achieve the goal of the method  have been included in the Kumon Math Program. […]