The Kumon Opportunity

I enrolled in Kumon last August 2018. I was just six years old when my parents decided to enroll me in a Kumon Center. I can still remember how excited I was even though the Kumon Center was far from our home and I had to spend 30 minutes of travel before actually reaching my destination.

The first month of my Kumon journey was very memorable. I enjoyed every worksheet I answered, but I also got exhausted especially when I saw my worksheets waiting for me after doing my school work. Still, I realized how blessed I was because my parents are able to send me to Kumon every month and this kind of opportunity should not be put to waste.

As I continue my Kumon journey, I noticed that I am not only improving in Kumon, but in school as well. Kumon did not only teach me how to solve problems mentally, but it also taught me how to be independent.

Thankfully, I was able to receive several awards from math competitions. I am also thankful for my Instructors who helped me figure out different math problems while guiding me throughout my Kumon journey.

Marco Antonio Martinez, Mabini (Tanjay) Center

Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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