The Midnight Visitor

The stars shone bright on this beautiful night
I laid calm and still in bed without fright
Goodnight moon, goodnight stars, goodnight Teddy
Off to dreamland I’d gone to be happy
All was well this dim night, or so I thought
It opened the door, the hall light it brought
I adjusted to the door’s golden glow
I saw a man whose face I did not know
What’s happening, Mister? It’s past my time
Come to wake me? No reason? ‘tis a crime
I feared the worst as it crept in the dark
The door it shut eating light with a bark
‘twas dimly lit, my things the shadow ate
‘twas greedy, every last piece eaten with hate
Why’re you here? Have you been here before?
Who’re you? Why is it me you ignore?
Shadow full, it crept closer to my bed
Its thin fingers reached out to my head
Touch me not, shadow! Purity my might!
I’ll throw you out of my room! I will fight!
It fell back then vanished into nothing
But you Mister are here, now listening
Now you heard my story of the shadow
Vanish it did but not through the window

Aeron Jann Ang, 5th Avenue (Howard Tower) Center

Aeron Jann likes composing sonnets and monologues. He is a Reading Completer and doing Level M (Trigonometry) worksheets in Math.

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