What is Kumon?

In 1954, Toru Kumon, a father and a high school mathematics teacher decided to create learning materials that would help his son, Takeshi, develop strong calculation skills to enable him to study mathematics with ease. From there, his son started to excel in school and was able to solve problems in differential and integral calculus by the sixth grade. Toru Kumon then believed that what was possible for one child could also be possible for more, if not all, children. Thus, he set out to offer the same learning materials  to as many children as possible. This was the start of the Kumon Method.

The Kumon Method has two programs – Math and Reading. The Math Program has topics that range from counting numbers to integral and differential calculus. These topics are studied in order to achieve the goal of studying high school mathematics with ease. The Reading Program, on the other hand, has topics that range from saying the sounds of letters to elements of figurative language in order to develop a high level of reading ability. In order to achieve the goal of these two programs, the Kumon Method aims to develop academic ability and character in all students.


In the Kumon Method, strong academic ability is nurtured by developing a student’s basic skills at his own learning pace. It is one of the goals to develop mastery, speed and accuracy early on. Once a good and solid foundation has been laid, advanced skills such as critical thinking and comprehension can be easily developed through the process of self-learning (learning topics on his own).


More than the academic skills, character development is also a vital part of Kumon. Because worksheets are done every day, a student will develop good study habits and time management skills. Learning how to prioritize and manage one’s own time can be directly applied to schoolwork, amidst the various subjects and extracurricular activities he experiences. A student’s confidence will also develop as he gains success and achievement through the habit of learning advanced topics and tackling challenging situations on his own.

Today, more than 71,000 students in more than 200 Kumon Centers are reaping the benefits of strong academic performance and character development. But it does not end there. The Kumon Method will continue to grow and thrive as it continues to be shared with as many children as possible in order to pursue the potential of each individual child.

To know more about the Kumon, connect with the Center nearest you by filling out the form in this link: https://ph.kumonglobal.com/contact-us/enrollment-enquiry/

Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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