A Good Investment

Back home in Iligan, though he is the youngest among his classmates, Rocky tops in his academics. He lives an extraordinary life of a bubbly and smart child who loves to play video and internet games, surf the net, and even read all sorts of books. Having both parents as achievers, Judge Arassad and Judge Mylene Macumbal don’t regard Rocky as gifted or

A Priority for the Family

The Suarez family discovered Kumon through a family friend. When they heard about the program, they immediately grabbed the opportunity to join, particularly the Free Trial Campaign. Armed with a bagful of Kumon worksheets, pencils and excitement, Errol – who has always been the ideal unico hijo of Mr. Jovet and Mrs. Elizabeth Suarez – eventually enrolled in the Kumon Math Program after

Wanting to Learn More

Before he turned two years old, Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Janice Laberinto noticed that Andre Miguel could already identify letters and numbers correctly. They were eager to nurture his gift and fulfill his will to learn, but they felt he was too young to be enrolled in school. So when they saw a Kumon 2-Week Free Trial flyer, they immediately researched more about

Grow, Learn, and Enjoy

With the desire to provide their children with a program that can supplement their studies, Dr. Ariel and Dr. Annabelle Gregorios decided to register for the Kumon 2-Week Free Trial Campaign for their eldest daughter, Abrielle Therese in Valencia City. When they saw how much she was enjoying and learning from the program, they decided to enroll her in Kumon. When Abrielle was

Are you part of the KINDNESS MOVEMENT?

When founder Toru Kumon developed the worksheets, all he had in mind was his son, Takeshi. But as soon as he saw his son answering calculus with ease even though he was just in Grade 6, Mr. Toru Kumon realized how effective the worksheets were. He also knew that it would be a sheer waste if only Takeshi benefited from this. Thus, he

Every Child Can Become Excellent

What do you want to be when you grow up? As a child, you must have been asked this question several times. And your answer to this question surely changed as you grew up. But, one thing is certain — you have always wanted to be the best; to be excellent. It is said and believed that excellent students are born with extraordinary

Motivation to Love Reading

With the age of technology and the rise of the use of gadgets, reading is probably no longer the most popular or loved activity to do to pass the time. Kids these days prefer playing online games and interacting on social media over reading books. As parents, you know how valuable reading is, specifically developing a love for reading. Your child gains comprehension

The Kumon Math Program and Beyond

If you ask any person what subject he finds most difficult in school, math would be the famous answer. Now if you go on to ask what topic in math he finds most challenging, advanced math topics like calculus, geometry, and trigonometry would get the most votes. Yes, high-level math is a proclaimed weakness and difficulty of a number of students then and