Thank You, Teacher Amie!

Happy birthday to my Kumon teacher, Amie. Even during this quarantine, you always give my brother and me the worksheets we have to answer. Thank you, Teacher! To show my thanks, I drew your face using charcoal. To wrap it up, I will quote myself: “Kumon’s math won’t teach you everything, but it will prepare you for it. To put it simply Kumon

A Worthwhile Experience

Based on my experience, my son, Chris Matheus Acorin Lim, has benefitted a lot from studying in Kumon. I enrolled him last March 2020, and he was two years old when he did the assessment. At that time, he could point out and determine pictures, shapes, colors, and all the letters in the alphabet already. At present, Theus can match every familiar word

Akio Lucas’ Study Area

As an 8-year-old kid, this is my study area. This is where I learn during the pandemic. And still, I am making use of my time at home and being productive! Thanks, Kumon, for helping me cultivate my skills in Mathematics. Akio Lucas QuiambaoLagundi (Mexico) Center >>Go back to the Aspire Digital home page

Little Victories

The year 2020 has been tough for many. It has drastically changed what we perceive to be relevant and valuable in our lives. For our family, quality education for our child is one of the aspects we deem a priority. A constant thing in life is change. And with the daily challenges presented to every parent, educator, and learner, we find that routines

What True Success Is

1, 2, 3, A, B, C. Isn’t it fun reminiscing those times when we would shout alphabetical letters and numbers, or run into the hallway like no one would be disturbed, or get our first-ever perfect math score and hear our parents brag about us to their friends? Things that happen to us at the beginning of our lives, specifically during childhood, often

Dealing with Pressure in Studying

Since the new school year started, a lot of students began adjusting once again. Dealing with school-related stress and academic pressure increases students’ difficulty in pushing through with what is expected of them. Many students experience these, but these stresses can be managed appropriately by practicing these activities: Reducing cramming To one degree or another, some students would cram for tests and quizzes.

Benefits of Studying Daily

Benefits of Studying Daily Have you ever felt scared whenever your exam day or week is about to start? There are numerous reasons why students feel uncomfortable on the day of their test. One of these is the fear of forgetting everything they have studied on the day of the test. This is why it is important to develop the habit of studying