Setting Up My Child for Success

We believe Kumon is setting up Joaquin for success. He would sometimes tell us that what he’s learning in primary school is something that he already learned in Kumon. As Kumon parents, we just need to continue being patient, being there for him, giving him words of encouragement, and, if needed, rewarding him with things that he finds pleasurable.

How Kumon helped families impart life lessons

It’s not a secret that one of the keys to nurturing a child’s love for learning is parents’ and teachers’ teamwork. Parents help form their children’s values at home, influence their attitudes towards learning, and support their learning. And when it’s time for children to gain knowledge outside their homes, the teachers work to instill and cultivate the values earlier planted by parents.

Free Trial? Free Kumon Experience!

Josh Chael Villanueva reached an amazing feat in 2019 – he became the youngest Kumon Math Program Completer of Zamboanga City Center! How did he do it? He was able to manage his Kumon worksheets and school work at the young age of eight. Mrs. Joyce Villanueva, Josh’s mother, discovered her son’s love for numbers and gift in math. She wanted to develop

Making Wise Decisions for My Children’s Future

By Atty. Sittie Raifah Pamaloy-Hassan of Iligan (Learning) Center Parents in all sectors are united in wanting the best for their children. As parents, even during the trying moments in our lives, we still prioritize their needs. As a human rights worker, I feel that I have to fulfill my children’s right – which is their right to education. I was made aware