An Xtra-ordinary Girl

At a young age, a little girl’s potential was already noticed by both her parents and her pediatrician. This must be why Katrina Cassandra, fondly called as Kat-kat, asked her parents to let her go to school as early as the age of three. For Mr. Derrick and Mrs. Amee Gonzaga, enrolling their daughter in Kumon was an answer to this desire as

Love For Math From Then ‘Til Now

As long as Ma. Arselene Aquino could remember, math was her favorite subject. It’s no wonder that she was excited for her Kumon journey back in October 2002. She and her mother found out about Kumon through her classmate’s grandfather. After attending the Parent Orientation, her mother was amazed with how Kumon works and immediately registered her for the Free Trial available at

A Worthy Commitment

For a mother of three with a husband working abroad and two children enrolled in Kumon, the life of a Kumon parent may not be as easy as some parents have it. Even though Mrs. Shiela Remollo and her daughter, Robin Alexandra of Iligan City found Kumon easy at the first few months of enrollment, they eventually found out that it wasn’t a

Reaping Benefits as a Family

The prodding of their children to be enrolled was the main reason that Engr. Manolito and Mrs. Jeaneth Ambowang became familiar with the Kumon Method. Their eldest child, Cara, wanted to enroll way back when she was in grade three. But they experienced the method firsthand when their third child, Prince, requested to be enrolled since he was having difficulty in Math. Along

Our Experience as Kumon Parents

By Mr. Don and Mrs. Lisa Escarro, Parents of John, Justin, Joseph, Joshua, and Mariel of Kumon Masinag (Antipolo) Center When asked what course they plan to take in college, it is common for students to answer “the one with the least Math subjects!” Due to this, my husband and I wanted to enable our children to pursue their college courses without fear,

Kumon as a Valuable Part of a Child’s Life

By Dr. Guadalupe Ramiso, Mother of Gabrielle, Raphael, Mikhaela, and Sabrelle of Kumon San Francisco (Pagadian) Center As a parent, education is one of the best gifts and investments that I could give to my children. So when we relocated to Zamboanga del Sur (because my husband is from the area), I was afraid that my kids were not getting the best education

Fostering Consistency, Patience and Values

By: Mrs. Myra Menguito, Mother of Paola, Joaquin, Tanya of Kumon Countryside (Pasig) Center As an educator, I believe in the value of hard work through the virtues of industry and patience. Seeing how the Kumon Program is nurturing the learners’ perseverance through repetition to achieve accuracy, I continue to see how it develops one’s desire to continue until learning is achieved. I

Belief, Hard Work, and Support = Success

Jordin Margaux Tayag was just two and a half years old when she was introduced to the Kumon Program. Mr. Jess and Mrs. Mia Tayag, both full-time government employees and part-time teachers, were looking for a pre-school where Jordin could adjust to the idea of structured learning before enrolling in a big school. According to Mr. Tayag, “Jordin was already familiar with the

Learning as a Family

By Teacher Marilou Perez of Baguio Study Center Whenever the Villanueva children visit my Kumon Center, you would not miss them. The three boys, Josemaria Philip, Juan Miguel, and Anthony Roland, are respectful, courteous, often smiling but quiet, as they guide their younger sister, Maria Bianca Olive, up the stairs. Now, the boys are all Kumon Math Completers. Anthony considered the Reading Program,

Confident at the Top

When the worksheets became harder and the standard completion time became longer, Marianne Elise Gonzales still pushed herself to continue with the Kumon Program. Despite the need to balance school work, competitions, and Kumon, Elise did not give up. Her drive to excel inspired her parents, Atty. Chad and Mrs. Len Gonzales, to support her in her desire to complete the Math Program.