How Kumon helped families impart life lessons

It’s not a secret that one of the keys to nurturing a child’s love for learning is parents’ and teachers’ teamwork. Parents help form their children’s values at home, influence their attitudes towards learning, and support their learning. And when it’s time for children to gain knowledge outside their homes, the teachers work to instill and cultivate the values earlier planted by parents.

As parents imbibe that learning is a two-way street, they look for learning institutions to trust as their partners in nurturing their children. And for 25 years now, Filipino parents have seen Kumon Philippines as a teammate that will nurture their children’s academic potential and support them in imparting life lessons.

Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Paraunda

The Paraunda family’s eldest daughter, Janica, pushed her parents to enroll her three siblings in Kumon as she saw how her classmates in college, who were former Kumon students, excelled in math. As parents who highly value education, Mr. and Mrs. Paraunda didn’t think twice and agreed with Janica. 

Since day one, Mr. and Mrs. Paraunda have nurtured their children to become goal-oriented, passionate, and assertive in facing daily challenges. And with the help of Kumon, they have seen how their children became the best version of themselves.

“We tirelessly remind our children the value of perseverance and that after resting, we continue to march on. Good thing our children did not think of quitting. This made us believe that they are genuinely passionate about their Kumon journey. This allowed us to trust them more in their decisions. And this, for us, is one of the most significant benefits Kumon could provide,” the Kumon parents said, noting that Kumon is one of the best decisions they have ever made.

Mr. Karl and Mrs. Celeste Noblefranca

Mr. and Mrs. Noblefranca are grateful that they continued their children’s Kumon study after the summer. As their children improved their math skills in just a few months, they also noticed how their children’s sense of responsibility and eagerness to participate in activities improved. Even at home, their ‘Responsibility First Before Play’ rule became easier to implement.

“If we did not allow them to continue with the program because we were too scared, then how could’ve we found out what they were capable of? We learned how to trust them at a young age. Trusting them in the sense that we truly believe they have the potential to succeed and reach greater heights,” Mr. and Mrs. Noblefranca said.

Mr. Fahad and Atty. Sittie Raifah Hassan

Like Mr. and Mrs. Paraunda, Mr. Fahad and Atty. Sittie Raifah Pamaloy-Hassan shared that entrusting their twins to Kumon for more than two years is one of the best decisions she has ever made.

Through Kumon, Atty. Sittie found a way to provide her sons with the best education while fulfilling her duty as a human rights worker. On top of this, she has noticed how her sons have shown hard work and the spirit of willingness, attitudes she believes her sons developed in Kumon.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that our twins, who just turned six years old, would be able to do division and read books fluently. The program has shaped my twins into children every parent wants – disciplined, respectful, and warriors. They have become goal and go-getters. Kumon trained them to manage their time and set their targets,” she said.

The love of parents for their children is part of Kumon’s history. That’s why, for the last 25 years, Kumon Philippines has been working hand-in-hand with parents like Mr. and Mrs. Paraunda, Mr. and Mrs. Noblefranca, and Mr. and Atty. Hassan to help each other in our mission of bringing out the best in each and every student.


Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment program. We offer two subjects: Math and Reading in more than 300 Kumon Centers nationwide.

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