I Dream to Become a Nurse

I dream to become a nurse,Sleepless nights for this heartfelt course,Helping patients is one of its work,Loving its job is a piece of work.Having this responsibility is hard,But aiming for this dream is really heart-to-heart,Helping people is truly in our hearts,But having this profession will firmly test our part.Taking care of others is our career,Showing affection to those who are ill,Preparing their bed,

My Kumon Teacher, My Guide

Some teachers are sweet.Some teachers are funny. Some teachers are cute.  Some teachers are loving. But you are hard to label, Because in every possible way, You motivate me, inspire me. You taught me, you guided me, Encourage me to do my best! Thank you for taking care of me.  Eja Maeuz D. CabungcalKumon Centro (Santiago) Center >>Go back to the Aspire Digital home page

Sparkling Future with Kumon

I started last January, Thinking things will be ordinary.  Through my worksheets, I learn independently,  But thank you to my teachers, who I love unconditionally.   Kumon makes learning fun. In 10 minutes, worksheets should be done.  Kumon encourages me to think on my own. My writing has improved, your mind will be blown.   Last month, my mom enrolled me in Kumon Math. I am always excited to answer after bath.  Kumon

Kumon filled me with so much glee!

I used to dislike math so muchAnd rather watch TV and play catchI didn’t like adding nor subtracting,I was more interested in dancing and singing But when Kumon started teaching me,I became filled with so much gleeMathematics turns out to be really fun,I can now get any numbers done! So right now, during your birthday,I wish we could celebrate and play!Continue to inspire


Success is really the sweetest,to those who haven’t succeeded yet.Succeeding is really the greatest,as we seek its need. Then, I found about Kumon,It was said that it would make me achieve my dream.It encouraged me to move on,and I would shine bright like a beam. I tried to answer my worksheets and they were easy.But when I went to another level,It was harder


Do you want a better sunshine?or do you want the world to be blind?Do you prefer a bright side?or do you prefer to hide in the night? Do you stay in the day’s light?or do you want to see darkness that gives you fright?It’s day vs. night,I don’t know if I like light or no sight. Do you want to sit beside my

What Math is for Me

I love math. Don’t you?It is Science’s language,That’s why I made it through. From addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division,It is the easiest thing to solve.This is through my imagination through my brain. Math is for all,Everybody can join!From short to tall,To a silver coin.I’ve been smart at this,Even in its deepest abyss,To its bottomless pit. This is my life’s subject until I die.

Songs From Her Heart

She does them for kicks,The songs from her heart. She listens to words deep within; In her heart,In her soul,And turn them into the Songs from her heart. They come from deep inside, and they beat the drum, strum the guitar,For the songs of her heart, are never far. Lee Gabrielle Baraquia| 12 years oldSan Francisco (Pagadian) Center >>Go back to the Aspire Digital

A Romantic Race

I can’t believe it actually happened! I’m already starting to cry. The feelings of joy, as we bike together tonight. My heart couldn’t stop racing, not because I’m tired of biking, But because of this unnatural feeling I couldn’t describe. I could not believe my eyes as we strolled down by the park. We passed the old bridge, as it symbolizes our love