Developing Self-Confidence

Did your hands sweat when you were asked to talk in front of the class? Did your voice tremble when you shared with your classmates your summer activities?  Shyness may be defined experientially as discomfort and/or inhibition in interpersonal situations. It is a form of excessive self-focus, a preoccupation with one’s thoughts, feelings and physical reactions. Kumon understands this problem, and though it

Your Child is More than an Achiever

Much has been written about holistic approaches to the development of a child. They say the most effective methods can simultaneously address the physical, emotional, relational, and intellectual aspects of a child’s life. In Kumon, there are a number of ways we help a child grow as an achiever holistically. One of the main activities that Kumon Instructors do regularly is to observe

It’s Never Too Young to Start in Kumon

Enrolling a child in a learning center at an early age has been a source of debate among parents and professionals. Some say that children should be allowed enough time to have fun, while some encourage early learning for better brain and motor skills development. In Kumon, Mr. Toru Kumon’s philosophy centered on the child’s unlimited potential to grow and develop. He believed

Benefits Beyond School

Mothers know best. This quote held true for Nicole Alexis Tan since it was her mother that pushed for her and her two siblings to be enrolled in Kumon. Initially, her mother only wanted her and her brother, Ethan, to do something for the summer. But as the benefits of the method became apparent in her progress in school, staying long term in

Pep Talk to Advancement

You may have already read all the articles on what you and your child need to do for him to become an advanced student. Be it the people you need to communicate with, the steps you need to take, the plans you need to follow, and the goals you need to achieve – almost everything about becoming an advanced student has already been

Making Wise Decisions for My Children’s Future

By Atty. Sittie Raifah Pamaloy-Hassan of Iligan (Learning) Center Parents in all sectors are united in wanting the best for their children. As parents, even during the trying moments in our lives, we still prioritize their needs. As a human rights worker, I feel that I have to fulfill my children’s right – which is their right to education. I was made aware

Why Math is Important

Why is math important? This is one of the most frequent and favorite questions of a young child, especially when he dislikes math or when he finds it too difficult to understand. As a parent, you may even ask the same question especially when helping your child with his math homework is as hard as getting him to wake up for school every

5 Things that Highly Successful Kumon Parents Do

Kumon is not just another activity for students but also for the parents as well. Contrary to what most parents think, the Kumon Math and Reading Programs entail the involvement of the parents in order for their child to progress smoothly and to help them develop further. Since Kumon is a home based learning program, the parents also have to monitor their child’s

Dealing with Pressure in School

At some point, your child will feel pressured with the number of school work and other responsibilities piling up on his plate. It could leave him tired and stressed especially if his rest intervals are small. Academic stress isn’t new as it is becoming a part of a student’s daily struggle to stay on top of everything. However, the best thing about this