How to boost your child’s learning and development

As a parent, your first instinct is to respond to your child’s needs and prepare for their best future.

Aside from food, shelter, and clothing, a pivotal part of this preparation is honing your child’s knowledge and skills. Parents like you search for ways to supplement their child’s development amidst the wide learning gap and challenges arising from the pandemic. 

As your partner in cultivating the growth and happiness of your child, Kumon Philippines shares ways to boost your child’s learning and development.

Discover your child’s current ability 

Knowing what your child can do, where they excel, and what they find difficult is important. Knowing your child’s current ability will help you determine the proper support to extend if they lag in class or find the school topics too easy or boring.

In Kumon, we don’t simply assign worksheets or create a study plan based on a student’s age or grade level. We first let them undergo an assessment or Diagnostic Test, which will enable us to create a personalized study plan. This individualized curriculum will serve as a guide that will help them further strengthen their skills, develop their knowledge, and even help them catch up if needed.

Allow your child to discover their potential

There is a fine line between guidance and spoon feeding. While support and guidance are needed to enable your child’s learning, too much of it might also hamper the development of their independence and self-efficacy. 

At home, give your child time to pick activities they want to try. And then allow him to do it on their own. For example, let them choose a book they want to read. Just be there for them if they need assistance reading unfamiliar words. 

We foster self-learning and independence in Kumon through our small-step worksheets. As worksheets are assigned based on your child’s assessment, the worksheets given will help students study topics they can confidently do on their own first. As they hone their current abilities and get used to the structure of worksheets, they steadily acquire the skills needed to study and tackle advanced worksheets independently. 

Supplement your child’s learning 

There are several ways to supplement what your child learned in school. At home, you can review the topics they have studied in class. You can also use daily activities such as cooking, budgeting, or family time as learning opportunities. Moreover, a proactive way to supplement your child’s learning is through after-school learning programs like Kumon.

At Kumon, we believe each child is unique and has unlimited potential. Through a curriculum tailored to each child’s needs, we build a solid foundation of basic math and reading skills needed to grasp the topics taught in school easily. As they continuously study in Kumon, they are steadily furnished with the endurance, determination, and ability to study advanced math and reading topics, which comes in handy when they reach high school and higher education.

Have a partner in your child’s development

With so many tasks and goals, it is sometimes difficult for parents to juggle everything all at once. At times, parents like you need a partner to look after your child’s development. This is where you can count on Kumon. 

In Kumon, students join online or face-to-face classes where Instructors guide and observe them as they answer the worksheets. Before and after each session, they provide guidance, feedback, and encouragement, which students can use in their Kumon journey. Daily Kumon homework is key in ensuring the consistency of your child’s development while imparting the value of hard work, a sense of responsibility, and a healthy routine. 

The Kumon Instructor’s observations during the Kumon class and the results of every worksheet also play a huge part in further personalizing the study plan to ensure your child gets the most out of Kumon. Additionally, you may reach out to your Instructor to know how you can work together, set goals for your child, and bring out their best selves in school and everyday life.

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