Developing Lifelong Skills with Kumon

It’s true when they say that we are all unique in our own way. Even when it comes to learning, we have our own reasons and goals that inspired us to try out and after-school programs like Kumon. For Kumon Completer Engr. Arvin Hao, it was his family’s goal to develop his independence in his studies that motivated him to enroll in Kumon

Kumon Completer, Now On A Mission To Save The Earth

“There are so many problems in this world that need solving. Kumon has been crucial in forming a habit of dissecting real-world problems. This allowed Pocholo Miguel Espina, fondly known as Poch, to understand the world he is in, all while believing that he can always do something more. He learned this from seeing changing environments and competitive surroundings at an early age.

Our Experience as Kumon Parents

By Mr. Don and Mrs. Lisa Escarro, Parents of John, Justin, Joseph, Joshua, and Mariel of Kumon Masinag (Antipolo) Center When asked what course they plan to take in college, it is common for students to answer “the one with the least Math subjects!” Due to this, my husband and I wanted to enable our children to pursue their college courses without fear,

Catching Up and Going Beyond

Realizing that she wanted to change her mindset and improve her math skills, Mary Divine Alegado suggested to her parents that she enroll in Kumon. She vividly describes herself as a second-year high school student then who did not memorize the multiplication table, could spend a whole day alone in her room, and yet wanted to do more than just catch up with

Better than Average

Kumon has taught me that success really takes time and effort. If I really want to achieve something, I have to exert effort constantly until I reach it. Success doesn’t come overnight, but it will come at the right time, with patience and determination. Ysabelle Pangilinan identifies herself as an average student – neither the most intelligent person in class, nor the achiever.

Words from a Kumon Completer

By Kumon Completer Isaiah Mari Codilla of Mabini (Tagum) Center You as a Kumon student may say, “Why Kumon?” “Why finish it?” “What’s the point?” “It’s too tiring.” As a Kumon Completer, I can say it is perfectly okay to think about those things. I have been there and you are not alone. When I was at that point in my Kumon journey,

Foundation for a Brighter Tomorrow

Robert Bryan Yee did not have any plans to enroll in Kumon. His mother just told him to try the program at a nearby Kumon Center. What made him excited was when he found out about the topics per level and the level of difficulty for each. This was because he loves to take on challenges, especially mental ones. From there, Bryan realized