A Decade of Learning

By Mrs. Tintin Tapang, Mother of Mico, Mau, Mikee and Mika of Kumon Angeles City Center I enrolled my children in Kumon a decade ago in order to test the waters on methods that can further enhance their knowledge. After learning of the Math and Reading Program that Kumon offered, I was intrigued, and I enrolled my sons to see how effective the

Through Thick and Thin

Investing in education for her child’s future is a priority for Mrs. Cecil Fernandez. This is why deciding to enroll her son, Mori, in Kumon was a good and wise financial decision considering the limited income her family has, with her husband working for a Non-Government Organization (NGO.) Mori was already a good student, but Mrs. Fernandez and her husband wanted to develop

Bringing Out the Best in My Child

Among the numerous benefits attained from Kumon, Mrs. Aleli Abastar finds the inculcation of independence, good time management skills, and being goal-oriented as the three most influential traits most evident in her son, Eoin Tristan Abastar. Having enrolled in Kumon at an early age during the summer of 2012, Mrs. Aleli Abastar saw Tristan’s transformation and development as he strengthened his academic skills.

From Summer to Beyond

In the summer of 2011, Mr. Karl and Mrs. Celeste Noblefranca explored summer activities for their children, Andre, Zach, and Sophia. They initially opted for dance and musical instrument classes, but these were too expensive considering that all three children were a package deal – everyone had to be enrolled in the same class. Enrolling in Kumon became a welcome alternative when they

Advancing Towards the Future

When Gaea Jazlin Tondo passed the Acceleration Test from kindergarten to grade two, Mr. Joel and Mrs. Genevieve Tonido tried to find a program that will prepare Gaea for grade two since she will be tackling advanced materials. They would pass by the Kumon Center whenever they would go to work and go home, and they saw that it offered Mathematics. So, they

Explore, Be and Do More!

Math genius, young mathematician, gifted child ─ these are just some of the monikers that are often associated to Io Aristotle Nikolai Calica. His parents, Mr. Ianne Calica and Mrs. Melissa Prudencio Calica, share that he was already a force to be reckoned with when he was just five years old. “Io was part of the top 10 and even became a chess

A Good Investment

Back home in Iligan, though he is the youngest among his classmates, Rocky tops in his academics. He lives an extraordinary life of a bubbly and smart child who loves to play video and internet games, surf the net, and even read all sorts of books. Having both parents as achievers, Judge Arassad and Judge Mylene Macumbal don’t regard Rocky as gifted or

A Priority for the Family

The Suarez family discovered Kumon through a family friend. When they heard about the program, they immediately grabbed the opportunity to join, particularly the Free Trial Campaign. Armed with a bagful of Kumon worksheets, pencils and excitement, Errol – who has always been the ideal unico hijo of Mr. Jovet and Mrs. Elizabeth Suarez – eventually enrolled in the Kumon Math Program after

Wanting to Learn More

Before he turned two years old, Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Janice Laberinto noticed that Andre Miguel could already identify letters and numbers correctly. They were eager to nurture his gift and fulfill his will to learn, but they felt he was too young to be enrolled in school. So when they saw a Kumon 2-Week Free Trial flyer, they immediately researched more about

Grow, Learn, and Enjoy

With the desire to provide their children with a program that can supplement their studies, Dr. Ariel and Dr. Annabelle Gregorios decided to register for the Kumon 2-Week Free Trial Campaign for their eldest daughter, Abrielle Therese in Valencia City. When they saw how much she was enjoying and learning from the program, they decided to enroll her in Kumon. When Abrielle was