How to balance learning and ‘brain break’ this summer

After a year of books, quizzes, and online exams, who doesn’t want a brain break? I’m sure you are eager to put away your learning materials until school starts again. But before clearing your study table, have you heard about summer learning loss? This means that you can possibly lose months’ worth of lessons you’ve learned in school when you choose to have a study-free summer.  However, just because you might forget the

5 home finds you can use as math tools

Can you recall where you first learned how to walk, say your first words, and sing your first nursery rhymes? The backdrop of these little memories and achievements are often our homes. After all, they say that our home is our very first school. Now that classes are mostly done online, our homes are once again an extension of our classrooms. While staying

5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Reading Retention

“I read this last night! How come I can’t remember it?” “The word is already on the tip of my tongue! Why can’t I recall it?” “I remember reading this article. How come I forgot what it is about?” Do these lines sound familiar? Perhaps you uttered these during a conversation or in the middle of your graded History recitation or English periodic

The Benefits of Completion

The goal of reaching the finish line is something that everyone shares. Be it reaching the most advanced level of a video game, celebrating the great ending of a movie, or successfully forming the final pyramid in a performance, the sense of pride and relief settles in when you realize that you have reached your end goal. The same thing happens in Kumon.

The Importance of Reading Comprehension

Learning to read at an early age is a big achievement. As a child, your parents want you to catch up on or even develop ahead of other kids your age. However, learning the alphabet, reading words, and saying them out loud may not be enough. Developing strong reading comprehension skills, especially in this day and age, is essential for your growth and

What You Get from Math

What do I get if I study math? This is one question you might ask, especially when you dislike math or when you find it too difficult to understand a problem. You might even think about this again when doing your math homework becomes harder than waking up for school every morning. Your uncertainty can influence your attitude about and performance in math.