Grow, Learn, and Enjoy

With the desire to provide their children with a program that can supplement their studies, Dr. Ariel and Dr. Annabelle Gregorios decided to register for the Kumon 2-Week Free Trial Campaign for their eldest daughter, Abrielle Therese in Valencia City. When they saw how much she was enjoying and learning from the program, they decided to enroll her in Kumon. When Abrielle was

Motivation to Love Reading

With the age of technology and the rise of the use of gadgets, reading is probably no longer the most popular or loved activity to do to pass the time. Kids these days prefer playing online games and interacting on social media over reading books. As parents, you know how valuable reading is, specifically developing a love for reading. Your child gains comprehension

Why Repeat?

“This worksheet/topic again? Why do I have to do this again?” Your child asks you these questions almost every day, and you answer by saying “because you have to” just so there will be no more questions asked. You notice how he shows disbelief over solving the same problems and trying to understand the same topic. Also, you begin to see how he